Cris Tovani taught elementary school for ten years before becoming a high school reading specialist and English teacher. A nationally known consultant, she chooses to continue teaching high school students full-time. She has also worked for many years as a staff developer for the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), the consortium that has received national acclaim for its work in reading comprehension reform. In addition to teaching and consulting, she has served as an adjunct instructor for the University of Denver and the University of Colorado at Denver.

Cris has authored the books; “I Read It, but I Don’t Get It” (Stenhouse 2000), “Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?” (Stenhouse 2004), and the videotape sets; “Thoughtful Reading” (Stenhouse 2003) and “Comprehending Content” (Stenhouse 2004).

Cris is now working on a new project with Samantha Bennett called Literacy Labs. Literacy Labs is a classroom-based PD focused on adolescent engagement in reading, writing, and talk.

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